GraniteWMS: Benefits of a Subscription Based Warehouse Management Solution

Subscription Software

The GraniteWMS software includes the total solution all in one monthly cost.

Our subscription based pricing model allows you to achieve results quickly while staying cash positive. There are a number of key benefits of selecting a subscription based warehouse management software.

Some of the top business advantages of using a subscription based solution include:

No large CAPEX outlay – there is no large upfront cost for the software, just the monthly subscription rate. The only once-off upfront cost is for any necessary hardware.

OPEX benefits – such as improved cash flow, off balance sheet finance, monthly VAT payments and tax deductibility.

Lower risk – there is no residual risk. You pay as you use the solution, without having to lay out capital up-front, before knowing whether it works or not.

Fast implementation – as well as no large upfront costs, there is no extensive upfront implementation process. The lightweight system can be up and running in a couple of weeks, with the ability to scale usage and functionality over time.

Easy integration – integrates easily into existing systems such as Sage300 Sage200 and SAP BusinessOne.

Constant improvement – continuous fixes and updates mean that the system is always improving. You are not stuck with any bugs or features that might hamper your productivity or workflow.

Easy to use – the system is easy to set up and easy to use resulting in fast adoption and immediate improvements in productivity.

GraniteWMS is a simple and effective warehouse management software that gives you greater control of your inventory and improves efficiency and accuracy in the warehouse.

Our software was developed for the mid-market business need and provides an easy-to-use yet powerful and scalable solution. With barcoding at its core, it is simple to use and prioritizes scanning over typing, enabling greater user acceptance and satisfaction.

With a simple monthly subscription GraniteWMS delivers measurable results in terms of traceability, accuracy, and efficiency in the warehouse.

The GraniteWMS subscription includes:

  • All software and licenses for unlimited users with no annual license fee
  • All implementation, configuration and solution set-up costs
  • Full integration into Sage200 Sage300 or SAP Business One
  • On-site user training and go-live hand holding
  • Ongoing system maintenance and changes and priority support
  • All future software updates

With GraniteWMS there is no annual cost escalation, and no additional fees. One flat rate covers everything you need to keep your warehouse running smoothly. With over 140 sites world wide GraniteWMS offers a simple all-encompassing solution for a single monthly fee.