Warehouse Management

Traceability, Accuracy, Optimisation

The Granite Warehouse Management System is an end-to-end barcode-based warehouse management software solution, enabling full traceability of all items in your warehouse and optimising warehouse processes and performance.

The Three Step Setup Process

Step 1 – Understand

We do an on-site assessment of your warehouse to understand your unique business needs.

Step 2 – Solve

We look at your process, understand your pain points, and create an action plan.

Step 3 – Implement

We install the system and all supporting hardware, train your staff, and set up simple processes.

Easy to implement. Easy to use.
No Unnecessary frills.

The GraniteWMS software solution is designed to deliver a simple, optimised and efficient warehouse management solution to a market in need of a standardised barcode-based solution.

There is no unnecessary complexity. It is a lightweight system with no bloated functionality. You get what you need for the average warehouse environment.

It is a cost effective and easy to use solution that can stand alone or integrate into your existing ERP system, creating visibility of your warehouse operations, optimising your processes and maintaining accurate inventory records.

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Warehouse Management

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