Save money, make money, drive efficiencies

It’s the business owner’s dream: Warehouses packed to the rafters with products ready to be shipped and a solid

pipeline with more deals on their way. But what happens when you outgrow your warehouse systems and processes,

and your growth starts costing you money? If your business is suffering from the following pain points, you need

a solutions provider that can help you deliver your product on time, accurately and cost-effectively

with zero mistakes.



We have developed a simple, three-step methodology that ensures the rapid and successful deployment

and integration of our solutions, which are proven to enable improved processes for clients in any industry.

We walk through your warehouse with you

We understand your pains and propose a way forward

We deliver rapid benefits for your warehouse

Learn more about how you can get it right with Granite!
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Case Studies

Van Acht Doors and windows

 “Within the first week of using Granite, customers were thanking us for the improvement in our services” 

“Granite is the most cost-effective Warehouse Management System (WMS) investment. The effectiveness of the system as a true WMS will become apparent only after 3 to 6 months of transactions, however the increase in productivity and accuracy is apparent from the onset.”

“Since we implemented Granite our load accuracy, housekeeping, receiving, stock control and variance solving increased dramatically due to the traceability of our stock”


“GraniteWMS is a good system, integrating all the warehouse (Receiving/Dispatching) in a user-friendly manner."

ADT Security


Machinery Mart

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