Why GraniteWMS?

Optimise Processes, Save Money, Improve Efficiency

The Granite Warehouse Management System has been implemented in over 140 sites across the globe. With experience in over 40 different industry sectors, we understand the complex nature of stock control and management and why you need a system that is simple, easy to use and cost effective.

Easy to Implement:
Get started now!

GraniteWMS is a straightforward platform that can be installed and running in your warehouse in weeks, rather than months.

We follow warehouse management best practice to set up simple and effective workflows. Our expert implementation teams will make go-live easy and seamless, with minimal disruption to business continuity.

We provide expert installation and training so that every aspect of the system is working, providing business optimisation from day one.

Simple to use:
Set up step-by-step processes

The GraniteWMS has a simple web-based application interface that is intuitive and easy to learn and use.

All business workflows can be mapped within the system, giving users a simple step-by-step process to follow for each task they complete.

The barcode-based transactions prioritise scanning before typing. This makes the system easy and time effective to use, while still capturing all the necessary information, reducing manual data capture and paperwork.

Improves Accuracy:
Save time and money with better processes!

With the Granite Warehouse Management System users are able to do more accurate picking and order fulfilment. This improves efficiency in the warehouse and helps to deliver products on time.

It also reduces the time spent on stocktake and picking and ensures that all stock is accounted for. There will no longer be stock hiding in plain sight.

When stock is well managed it reduces redundancies, overstocking, and process times. More accurate picking also results in reduced returns, eliminating duplicate work.

Fit for Purpose:
Designed for what you need!

While most corporate warehouse management solutions are overpowered and/or prohibitively expensive for the average warehouse or distribution centre, GraniteWMS is lean and fit for purpose.

Most warehouses have no need for overly sophisticated functionality that was designed for much larger and more complex businesses. GraniteWMS has been built to meet the needs of the average warehouse and does not suffer from functional bloat. With GraniteWMS you are not paying for complexity and functionality you will never need.

Highly Scalable & Configurable:
Make it work for you!

The Granite Warehouse Management System can scale to fit the requirements of your warehouse. Whether you have a small number of high value stock items, or thousands of items moving in and out of your warehouse daily, GraniteWMS will give you full visibility and traceability of all stock movement.

GraniteWMS is also highly configurable. All process and workflows can be set up and configured with access and controls across users, locations and items.

Easy to Maintain and Support:
Expert assistance and services comes standard!

GraniteWMS is a lightweight system that is robustly built. The lean nature of the software means that there is no need for constant changes or upgrades, ensuring minimal disruption to your business over time.

The system also comes with dedicated first line support. Our team will be there to assist you during the go-live and provide expert ongoing support to ensure that the system is always working optimally.

Live Data:
Establish real time stock visibility!

GraniteWMS will deliver real-time, accurate data on all stock and transactions in your warehouse. By taking data capture to the physical items in your inventory, you will improve the accuracy and speed of all processes.

Live validation also enables better process visibility, ensuring workflows are properly implemented and followed.

GraniteWMS will also integrate into your current ERP system, providing a live and accurate update on stock levels as they change, rather than reconciling them later.

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