ERP vs. Standalone WMS

June 7, 2018

According to an article titled 'Warehouse Management Software Buyer Trends' published by David Buiac at Software Connect, selecting Warehouse Management systems is becoming a trickier and more thorough process than ever before. Many businesses are faced with the chalenge of whether or not they want to operate a WMS with a ERP or stand alone.


In their study they found that: 

  • About three-quarters of WMS buyers want barcoding. Still far and away the most-used scanning tech in warehouses

  • WMS budgets soared for companies with more than 100 employees. Often hitting above $300,000 (roughly R3 846000)

  • Over half of WMS buyers are looking for systems to manage multiple warehouses.

  • The market is near even split in looking for standalone WMS versus a full ERP+WMS system



So why the sudden interest in WMS's? Researchers found that not only is it 'better management' proving to be a global business trend but the larger majority of participants in the research survey wanted: newer features, to replace a dated system, automate existing systems, needed better integration into their existing ERP, wanted improved efficiency, improved accuracy and/or to consolidate multiple systems.


What users need to understand, at what we try emphasize here at Cradle, is to think carefully about what you want and why you want it in your WMS before you buy it. 


In many cases, we have found that either clients invested ERP's thinking that they could handle most of the businesses functions (such as warehousing and their financials) or that the WMS could do both. Bear in mind, there are WMS's available out there to handle a wide-range of complex capabilities, however, they require a more lengthly and expensive implementation processes. The additional problem with implementing a complex WMS system is that additional configuration will be even more expensive and training the users will be a difficult task.


The advantage of working with a simple WMS, such as GraniteWMS, is that the simplicity of the system affords you the opportunity to add more functionality with greater ease and less expense. We clearly define who we can integrate with and we are upfront about our system's capabilities. We have clients that operate GraniteWMS as a standalone as well as clients that operate our WMS in conjunction with an exisiting ERP. Some of our clients, for e.g., ADT Head Office in Midrand, operate GraniteWMS as a standalone and do not make use of their ERP's exisitng warehousing module as they prefer GraniteWMS. 


At the end of the day, it is up to personal preference and preffered use, however, a system choice will impact the rest of your logistics operations so choose wisely!


For more information about GraniteWMS visit: 





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