Why Communication is the Key to Your Business Success

February 21, 2018

There is an old view that suggests that employees are just a number.  That employees and employers simply 'understand each other' and everything will eventually come right but for now, let's sweep it under the carpet until it does. 

To put it bluntly: with that mentality, your business will not get very far. 


Why is communication SO important?




As with any personal relationship, if issues are not dealt with, tensions arise. If praise is not given, attitudes develop and if incentives to work harder are not devised, motivation is lost. 


Another thought for the day: the less you communicate, the less you as an employer KNOW your staff. There are many companies out there that could not be bothered and like to think that they know enough about their employees.  We proved this theory wrong on a number of occasions. As a living example, we have a client that started implementing GraniteWMS and did not realise that three of his staff could not read. That does not by any means imply that he is a poor manager, it only demonstrates how little the staff and the managers know about each other. 


We've had many other sites that implement our software and assume they know their staff 'well enough' but actually in fact, don't. We've worked on quite a few sites where the management was poor, not only with the workers on the floor, but also with the other administration staff involved. The problem at the end of the day is that without communication and a little more effort, your business will be dysfunctional and ultimately it affects every decision you make. 


It is important to bear in mind that:

1) it is crucial to communicate effectively in negotiations as they help you achieve your goals. Talk about your visions, use pictures and maps, anything to ensure the right moves are being made

2) Remember that is is also a valued skill. Many people struggle to communicate and convey their ideas effectively; therefore, if you can master it you will be sought after

3) It develops and improves relationships: the more you talk to your staff, the better you will understand what is happening in your business and the more respect you will gain from the staff for making an effort 




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