Warehouse Barcode Labels 101 – Types of Labels

Warehouse Label types

When utilizing barcodes in a warehouse, whether for item or location identification, it is important to use the correct type of label for the right application to ensure it delivers on the required functionality. The types of labels that are used in a warehouse can differ according to its location, function, and need for longevity.

Some of the types of labels you might need include:

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels are made of a heat sensitive material that is directly activated by the print head. They are good for short term item labeling. These labels are ideal for warehouses that need fast and reliable labeling of a high number of items, that will cycle through the warehouse quickly. As these labels are susceptible to sunlight and heat, they are not suited to long term storage uses.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels require a ribbon to print. This means they offer greater durability and will not fade when exposed to heat or sunlight. They are best suited to short- or medium-term labeling, or labels that will be exposed to more extreme conditions.

Removable labels

A proper removeable labels allows you remove a label and all adhesive with it at any point. These can be useful when a label is applied directly to an item or is only needed for temporary identification.
Keep in mind that cheaper removable labels will just use a low grade adhesive which can be easily removed in the short term but will become more difficult to remove the longer it is applied to the surface.

Cold Storage Labels

If items need to be stored in a sub-zero environment, such as frozen foods, laboratory samples, etc. cold storage or freezer labels are required. These labels stay adhered even when frozen, unlike standard labels with general purpose adhesive, which will lose adhesiveness at cold temperatures.

Retro-Reflective Labels

Retro-Reflective Labels have integrated particles that reflect light. This allows them to be scanned from a greater distance than standard labels. These labels are good for identifying locations, racks or pallets as they can be placed high up and still be read.

Outdoor or Weatherproof Labels

Outdoor or weatherproof labels are useful for areas or assets that will be exposed to more extreme conditions such as direct sunlight, rain, or temperature fluctuations. They are made of a more durable material that is more resistant to wear and tear and wont fade over time.

Permanent Labels

Permanent Labels are used to identify locations or items long term. There are two main types of permanent labels, printable asset labels and industrial tags. Printable asset labels can be printed on a standard label printer using a high-quality resin ribbon. These labels will have a high-quality adhesive to enable long term labelling. The adhesive will also harden over time ensuring the labels stay in place.
Industrial asset tags are aluminium tags that are cut and etched according to your specifications. They can then be applied to the asset via drilled mounting holes or various adhesive options.

By utilising barcode labels throughout your warehouse it is possible for employees to easily navigate and find the items they need, and have all the information about that item at their fingertips.

Making sure you use the correct label for the correct application means fewer mistakes and more efficient warehouse processes. Contact us to find out more about how you can use labels more effectively in your warehouse, or go to Labels for Barcoding to learn more about your label options.

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