The GraniteWMS Sure Step Methodology

The GraniteWMS sure step methodology shows the process flows that we prepare for each warehouse process. It also outlines the methodology we use to work in conjunction with our clients and implement these processes.

Within the methodology every process is set up over a series of steps where:

  1. It is reviewed with the customer
  2. It is configured in GraniteWMS
  3. It is put through a customer testing
  4. It gets customer approval
  5. Super user training is completed
  6. The process is put into production

During set up and implementation the GraniteWMS team works closely with the client’s team, including the infrastructure and networking team, and the customer’s ERP team to ensure that it all goes smoothly and is set up optimally.

Our goal is to set up a warehouse system that works for you. The GraniteWMS team focuses on individuals and interactions and prioritizes customer collaboration to ensure a flexible system that can respond to the changing needs of your business and can be constantly maintained and improved over time.

See the full document here: GraniteWMS Sure Step Methodology