The GraniteWMS Journey – Part 3: Outbound Stock Management

Being able to pick and process orders quickly and accurately is an essential part of maintaining business performance. Accurate order fulfilment ensures customer satisfaction, reduces returns, and minimises duplicate work.

With GraniteWMS there is an emphasis on barcode scanning at every step in the order fulfilment process which makes outbound stock management simple and efficient.

There are three key processes that enable outbound stock management:


Validate all items against a custom pick-slip

The Granite Warehouse Management System lets you generate custom pick slips for every order. These provide easy to follow steps and all item barcodes are scanned as they are picked, ensuring the correct items are picked in the correct quantity.

The system also allows you to monitor the performance of users. It can generate reports on number of picks per user, and show how long it takes to pick an order. You can also track partial picks and back orders that still need to be completed later, ensuring all tasks get completed in a timely manner.

Because all picks are validated through barcode scanning, the picking process is not only faster but also more accurate.


Items are scanned against packing manifest

With GraniteWMS all items are validated against a packing manifest as they are packed. Because all the items are scanned against the manifest as they are packed, order fulfilment is more accurate.

Items are then scanned into boxes that are uniquely labeled and identified. The system then produces a waybill for the order. This ensures full end-to-end traceability of all items as they leave the warehouse.


Get full visibility of your warehouse

GraniteWMS offers a full transaction log for all items in your warehouse. Because items are uniquely labelled and scanned during every process you have end-to-end traceability of your stock.

The system reporting also provides user accountability as it shows the number of items picked by a user in a certain timeframe.

The transaction audit log ensures that all stock and transactions can be traced and the stock detail enables easy stock management. It will also show any variance with the ERP system to help ensure there is no stock loss.