The GraniteWMS Journey – Part 2: Stock Management

Warehouse management

Once the stock has arrived in the warehouse and been appropriately labelled, it is important to keep track of it as it moves through the warehouse. See part one for Inbound Stock Management

Because GraniteWMS is a barcode-based solution it makes it easy to keep track of stock in your warehouse. Every time an item is moved the user scans the item and the location and the reason for the movement is noted. E.g. sample taken, item was picked for an order, unpacking from bulk, etc. This means that you always have a complete picture of your inventory.

There are three key aspects to stock management that GraniteWMS enables in your warehouse:

1. Put away

All stock is scanned into a location

Once all the locations in the warehouse are clearly established, it is easy to assign stock items to a specific location. This ensures that all items are put away in the correct place and can be easily found at a later stage.

A location can be assigned to an item as it arrives or GraniteWMS can be set up so that particular items are automatically put away into a default location.

With all items allocated to a specific location put away can be streamlined, with items grouped according to their location in the warehouse, creating a more efficient process.

2. Stock Take

Scan all items for an accurate count

It is important to know not just what stock is arriving, but also what stock you already have in the warehouse.

With GraniteWMS items can be scanned individual or according to bulk quantities, making it quick and easy to do a stock take of your warehouse. GraniteWMS also provides a live dashboard so that you can see an accurate stock count for all items, at all times.

3. Stock control

Put systems in place for moving and managing stock

When managing and tracking stock through your warehouse you need to know not only where it was put away, but also what happened to it after that.

With GraniteWMS you have end-to-end control of your stock. This means you not only have a view of its location, but also any other transactions it goes through, e.g. if it was taken for a sample or moved down from bulk to the pick-face. If an item of stock moves anywhere within the warehouse, it is scanned and recorded in the system. Stock never gets lost in plain sight.

You can also use GraniteWMS to ensure stock usage is optimised. It can track quantities to help manage supply, and ensure FIFO principles are being followed, expiry dates are being tracked, etc.