The GraniteWMS Journey – Part 1: Inbound Stock Management

Warehouse Management

The Granite Warehouse Management System lets you set up manage and track every process in your warehouse. This enables more efficient business processes and improves overall productivity.

In this blog series we take you through the various process that GraniteWMS enables in order to make your warehouse more efficient.

The first series of processes help to manage stock as in comes into the warehouse. For inbound stock management to run smoothly there are three key processes that need to be set up.

1. Location Setup

Every location in your warehouse needs to be uniquely identifiable.

Any large warehouse should be broken down into easily identifiable locations. This makes it easier to navigate the large space and find items quickly.

Having a logical and consistent location identification system makes it possible to enter a large warehouse and find a specific item on a specific shelf quickly and easily, without prior knowledge of where it was placed.

The Granite Warehouse Management System will enable you set up a simple and easy to follow location management system in your warehouse.

See our Labels 101 post about how to effectively set up location labels.

It will generate a unique barcode for every location in your warehouse. When an item is received it can be assigned to a location. The placement and retrieval of items from the location can be tracked and managed via barcode scanning. Because every item can be mapped to its exact location, stock no longer gets misplaced or lost in plain sight.

2. Item Setup

Every item must be set up in the system with all necessary accompanying information.

When setting up the item in the system it is possible to record a variety of additional information that must be associated with that item.
record the barcode, unit of measure, re-order quantity, item type and category, quality control parameters, default location, and other custom fields for each item.

Item setup information can include:

  • Unique Barcode
  • Unit of measure
  • Re-order quantity
  • Item type
  • Category
  • Quality control parameters
  • Default locations

With GraniteWMS it is possible to encode all of this information on the system and in the unique barcode generated for the item. This means that all this information can be retrieved and checked against during every transaction or movement the item undergoes.
Once the item is set up in the system you are ready to receive stock

3. Receiving Stock

All received stock is validated and labelled.

The receiving process for stock should be established so that every item that arrives at the warehouse it validated and labelled. As items are received they can be validated against a purchase order or as ad-hoc receiving and GraniteWMS will create a Goods Received Voucher (GRV) for all stock that is received.

With GraniteWMS it is possible to see at a glance what has been received, where it has been placed in the warehouse, and track all further transactions that the item undergoes. Because everything is labelled as it enters the warehouse with a unique barcode it then becomes very easy to track and manage stock in the warehouse