Overcome Supply Chain Challenges with Warehouse Optimization

Warehouse Management

Supply chain challenges and unpredictability can have serious business repercussions.

Over the last few years disruptions to the supply chain have had a major impact on most businesses, due to uncertain timelines and a lack of product availability caused by the global pandemic.

At the same time customers are becoming more demanding, wanting faster turnaround times, and more visibility around the product journey.

In order to combat this, businesses have to get creative with how they handle the challenges presented and look more closely at how they can optimize the environment that is under their control.

By looking at how the flow of stock is tracked and managed in your warehouse it is possible to minimize the impact of supply chain disruptions.

Some of the key ways you can minimise the impact of supply chain disruptions include:

Improved communication – having a clear line of communication with both your suppliers and your customers can ease tension and help to manage expectations.

A simple view of stock levels, and accurate projections of how they will change, mean you can clearly communicate both what you need and what is available. By addressing disruptions, shortfalls, and delays as they happen, and creating reasonable expectations around availability, you can avoid being caught short or disappointing customers.

Focus on Planning – proper warehouse management means you have closer oversight over the rates at which products move in and out, trends in demand, and sales forecasts.

This makes it easier to predict what you will need further in advance and plan your pipeline, as well as being able to communicate to customers what is and isn’t immediately available.

Using the right tools – Having a warehouse management system that enables you to track and manage all stock will help you plan and communicate better, ensuring you make more informed business decisions.

Proper oversight of your warehouse also means you can flag issues as they occur and prevent knock-on problems.

GraniteWMS is a simple and flexible warehouse management system that can give you better insight into your inventory and help to mitigate supply chain issues. Read our case studies to see how other companies have used GraniteWMS to optimise their business, or contact us today to find out more.