GraniteWMS has Teamed up with Synatic to Facilitate Easier Integration

Warehouse Management integration

GraniteWMS is a mid-market warehouse management system with over 10 years of experience and over 130 live sites worldwide. It has an excellent track record of improving accuracy, efficiency and oversight in a warehouse environment.

The GraniteWMS software solution is designed to deliver a simple, optimised and effective warehouse management system to a market in need of a standardised barcode-based solution. It is cost-effective, purpose-built, simple to implement and easy to use.

GraniteWMS also integrates easily into various ERP solutions, including Sage200, Sage300 and SAP Business One.

“To simplify the implementation of GraniteWMS even further, we’ve teamed up with Synatic,” said Craig Collins, CEO of GraniteWMS. “Synatic has the power to give our customers a more integrated business, adding value while providing a simple unified interface.”

Synatic provides enterprise integration and automation features with a simple drag-and-drop interface, giving your business rapid time to value. Through one unified platform for integration, ETL, API management and data management, Synatic solves enterprise data challenges with a wide range of pre-built connectors and solutions.

“For GraniteWMS to function optimally, it requires easy and live integration with core systems in your stack. Synatic is a platform that makes this data and integration easy,” said Jamie Peers, Business Development Lead at Synatic.

Synatic facilitates integration at any level, with any ERP. Additionally, it enables further integration with your CRM, e-commerce platform, and any other system that generates data. Synatic allows for any solution with an API, SDK, ODBC or flat file capability to integrate. With a simple, nimble and powerful interface.

“World-class warehouse management requires world-class integration. GraniteWMS and Synatic are the perfect paring to provide this.”

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