GraniteWMS Case Study: Van Acht Windows and Doors – Rethinking the Warehouse Experience

Warehouse management case study

Van Acht is a well known distributor of doors and windows situated in the Kya Sand, Randburg. After struggling with a warehouse management system that was inefficient, overly complex, and difficult to use Van Acht decided to give GraniteWMS a try.

Download the full case study here (PDF)

After the first month of use Van Acht already noticed improvements within their sales and overall customer service. It was noted that while using the previous system Van Acht was losing customers due to slow response times and inefficient processes. With the implimetation of GraniteWMS the business shortly acquired a larger customer base. “Within the first week of using GraniteWMS customers were thanking us for the improvement in our services” says Deon de la Harpe, Financial Director at Van Acht.