Considerations When Selecting a Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management

A warehouse management system (WMS) can improve efficiency and optimize operations in your warehouse. Selecting the system that is right for your business however can be a difficult process. 

To find an effective solution it is important to know not only what you want, but why you want it. Choosing a warehouse management system should therefore be a very thorough process.

In many cases we find that clients have invested in ERP systems thinking that it will handle all the necessary business functions across warehousing and financials and then been disappointed when it falls short. A warehouse management system can often fill this gap, optimising warehouse operations and empowering strategic business decisions.

There are however a number of considerations that should be taken into account when selecting a WMS. These include:

What kind of item scanning is needed? Most companies will require a barcode scanning functionality, which is the simplest and most widely used option, although other options, such as RFID are also available.

What kind of budget do you have to implement the system? This includes software subscriptions as well as hardware, implementation, and training.

Do you need to manage multiple warehouse sights? If you have multiple locations the system needs to be able to manage workflows across all of them.

Why do you need a warehouse management system? You might need better management and oversight of your warehouse or to replace a dated system. It is also possible to automate existing systems to improve efficiency and accuracy, or you might need to consolidate several systems onto one platform.

Do you need a stand alone system or ERP integration? If you have an existing ERP system a WMS that will integrate into it can provide an easy end-to-end view of your operation. While a stand alone system can offer a simple and efficient solution.

If you need help assessing the needs of your warehouse our specialists are available to provide a consultation. Contact us today.

GraniteWMS fills a requirement for a simple barcode-based warehouse management system. It integrates easily into both Sage 200 Evolution and Sage 300 as well as SAP Business One. The GraniteWMS system is developed by a team that specialises in barcode systems. It has scanning processes at its core, ensuring that each user interaction is simple, efficient and embraces scanning before typing.

GraniteWMS embraces best practices but more importantly, keeps everything simple. Restricting complexity has the amazing effect of reducing implementation time and effort – reducing your project cost.