Case Study: GraniteWMS Helps Quality Frozen Food Deliver

Granite WMS Case Study

Quality Frozen Foods, based in Brooklyn New York, is one of the largest kosher food distributors in the world and a leading kosher food manufacturer that manages several subsidiary brands. Founded in 1976, it ran as a family owned and operated ‘mom and pop’ organization until 2019 when external investors were brought in to help accelerate growth in the company.

With over 100 brands and 4000 individual products, and a further 1500 items available on special order, managing the flow of inventory and ensuring that the correct order arrives at the right destination, fresh and on time, is a major challenge.

After running a completely manual warehouse process for many years, bringing on new investors made it clear that they needed to upgrade their systems and put more uniform business processes in place to enable live data.

Quality Frozen Foods needed a WMS that enabled live picking, and because of the complex local and global customer network, and the nature of their product, it was important that they had a system that could manage expiration dates and shelf-life data for all the products, to ensure food safety and eliminate wastage.

Download the full Case Study: GraniteWMS Helps Quality Frozen Food Deliver (PDF).