The GraniteWMS
EPoD App

GraniteWMS has developed a simple and easy to use Electronic Proof of Delivery Application

Download the Free GraniteWMS EPoD App. 

GraniteWMS has developed a simple and easy to use application that will enable electronic proof of delivery.

This lightweight app will work on any Android device and enables simple and effective electronic proof of delivery.

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How it works

Step 1
Enter the users information

The app will ask for the company name, an email address, the name of the driver, and the vehicle number.

Step 2
Enter the packages information

The app will ask for a document number (this can be the invoice number, delivery number, or waybill). There is also an option to record ID numbers for individual packages.

Step 3
Capture the proof of delivery

The user can add a signature captured via touch screen, and take a photo of the package being delivered.

Step 4
Review the information and send

All the details that have been captured can be reviewed and sent via email, with the signature and photo attached, to a central admin to mark the job as complete.

Step 5
Repeat the steps as necessary

Once the transaction has been captured, confirmed and sent, the user is prompted to either exit the app or capture the next delivery.